Student-Faculty Liaison Committee

The Integrated Program in Biochemistry-Student Faculty Liaison Committee serves the graduate students of the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry. The IPiB-SFLC:

  • provides graduate student input on departmental decisions
  • establishes a channel of communication between the faculty and graduate students
  • provides an organized mechanism for graduate student service to the department

Any graduate student in the Department of Biochemistry or the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry is welcome to participate in the committee’s activity. Each summer, IPiB-SFLC representatives are elected to sit on departmental committees and report the activities of their committees at monthly IPiB-SFLC meetings. The IPIB-SFLC also plans several social events held throughout the year, including:

  • departmental picnics
  • retreats
  • holiday parties
  • Art Show