Research Faculty

There are 54 faculty participating in the IPiB program.

Image of Richard M. Amasino Richard M. Amasino
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor
(608) 265-2170 ·
Image of Aseem Z. Ansari Aseem Z. Ansari
Professor (also with The Genome Center)
(608) 265-4690 ·
Image of Alan D. Attie Alan D. Attie
Jack Gorski Professor of Biochemistry
(608) 262-1372 ·
Image of Jon Audhya Jon Audhya
Associate Professor
(608) 262-3761 ·
Image of Sebastian Y. Bednarek Sebastian Y. Bednarek
(608) 263-0309 ·
Image of David Brow David Brow
(608) 262-1475 ·
Image of Andrew R. Buller Andrew R. Buller
Assistant Professor (also Department of Chemistry)
(608) 265-8431 ·
Image of Samuel E. Butcher Samuel E. Butcher
(608) 263-3890 ·
Image of Baron Chanda Baron Chanda
Associate Professor
608-265-3936 ·
Image of Margaret Clagett-Dame Margaret Clagett-Dame
Professor (also Pharmaceutical Sciences)
(608) 262-3450 ·
Image of Joshua Coon Joshua Coon
Professor of Chemistry and Biomolecular Chemistry
608-263-1718 ·
Image of Michael M. Cox Michael M. Cox
Evelyn M. Mercer Professor in Biochemistry
(608) 262-1181 ·
Image of Gheorghe Craciun Gheorghe Craciun
Associate Professor (also Department of Mathematics)
(608) 265-3391 ·
Image of Elizabeth A. Craig Elizabeth A. Craig
Elizabeth Cavert Miller Professor
Steenbock Professor of Microbial Science
(608) 263-7105 ·
Image of John M. Denu John M. Denu
(608) 265-1859 ·
Image of Heidi Dvinge Heidi Dvinge
Assistant Professor
(608) 265-1859 ·
Image of Feyza Engin Feyza Engin
Assistant Professor (also Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Department of Medicine)
(608) 262-8667 ·
Image of Brian G. Fox Brian G. Fox
Marvin J. Johnson Professor in Fermentation Biochemistry
Chair, Department of Biochemistry
(608) 262-9708 ·
Image of Catherine Fox Catherine Fox
(608) 262-9370 ·
Image of Paul D. Friesen Paul D. Friesen
Professor (also Institute for Molecular Virology)
(608) 262-7774 ·
Image of Samuel H. Gellman Samuel H. Gellman
Ralph F. Hirschmann Professor (also Department of Chemistry)
(608) 262-3303 ·
Image of Melissa Harrison Melissa Harrison
Assistant Professor
(608) 262-2382 ·
Image of Colleen E. Hayes Colleen E. Hayes
(608) 263-6387 ·
Image of Katherine Henzler-Wildman Katherine Henzler-Wildman
Associate Professor
(608) 890-1094 ·
Image of Hazel M. Holden Hazel M. Holden
(608) 262-4988 ·
Image of Aaron Hoskins Aaron Hoskins
Assistant Professor
(608) 890-3101 ·
Image of Christina Hull Christina Hull
(608) 265-5441 ·
Image of James Keck James Keck
(608) 263-1815 ·
Image of Patricia Kiley Patricia Kiley
Chair Department of Biomolecular Chemistry
(608) 262-6632 ·
Image of Judith Kimble Judith Kimble
Vilas Professor
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
(608) 262-6188 ·
Image of Robert Landick Robert Landick
(608) 265-8475 ·
Image of Peter Lewis Peter Lewis
Assistant Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry, Epigenetics
(608) 316-4388 ·
Image of John L. Markley John L. Markley
Steenbock Professor of Biomolecular Structure (also Director of NMRFAM and BMRB)
(608) 263-9349 ·
Image of Thomas F. J. Martin Thomas F. J. Martin
Wasson Professorship in Biochemistry of Higher Animals
(608) 263-2427 ·
Image of Matthew Merrins Matthew Merrins
Assistant Professor (also Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, Department of Medicine)
608-256-1901 x12848 ·
Image of Julie Mitchell Julie Mitchell
Professor of Biochemistry and Mathematics
(608) 432-5853 ·
Image of Deane Mosher Deane Mosher
(608) 262-4455 ·
Image of James M. Ntambi James M. Ntambi
Katherine Berns Von Donk Steenbock Professor (also Nutritional Sciences)
(608) 265-3700 ·
Image of David J. Pagliarini David J. Pagliarini
Associate Professor (also with the Morgridge Institute for Research)
(608) 890-3254 ·
Image of Ann C. Palmenberg Ann C. Palmenberg
Professor (also Institute for Molecular Virology)
(608) 262-7519 ·
Image of J. Wesley Pike J. Wesley Pike
(608) 262-8229 ·
Image of John Ralph John Ralph
Professor (also Dept. Biological Systems Engineering & D.O.E. Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center)
(608) 890-2429 ·
Image of Srivatsan Raman Srivatsan Raman
Assistant Professor
608-890-1036 ·
Image of Ivan Rayment Ivan Rayment
Michael G. Rossmann Professor of Biochemistry
(608) 262-0437 ·
Image of M. Thomas Record, Jr. M. Thomas Record, Jr.
Steenbock Professor in Chemical Sciences
(608) 262-5332 ·
Image of Philip Romero Philip Romero
Assistant Professor
608-262-5943 ·
Image of Alessandro Senes Alessandro Senes
Associate Professor
(608) 890-2584 ·
Image of Michael Sheets Michael Sheets
(608) 262-9452 ·
Image of Michael R. Sussman Michael R. Sussman
Professor (also Director of UW Biotechnology Center)
(608) 262-8608 ·
Image of Ophelia Venturelli Ophelia Venturelli
Assistant Professor
608-263-7017 ·
Image of Yong Wang Yong Wang
Assistant Professor
608-263-2813 ·
Image of Douglas B. Weibel Douglas B. Weibel
Professor of Biochemistry (also Departments of Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering)
(608) 890-1342 ·
Image of Marvin P. Wickens Marvin P. Wickens
Max Perutz Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
(608) 262-8007 ·
Image of Jill Wildonger Jill Wildonger
Assistant Professor
(608) 890-4619 ·