Srivatsan Raman

Assistant Professor

Picture of Srivatsan RamanHector F. DeLuca Biochemistry Laboratories
Room 441B
433 Babcock Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1544
Phone: (608) 890-1036
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Postdoctoral Fellow: Harvard Medical School
Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle
M.S., Missouri University of Science and Technology
B.S., Baroda University, India

Areas of Study

Biomolecular Folding & Interactions
Chemical Biology
Quantitative Biology
Structural Biology
Systems & Synthetic Biology

Research Overview

Understanding and engineering allosteric proteins, orthogonal transcriptional systems, programmable synthetic bacteriophage.

Illustration from the Raman LabOur laboratory takes a systems and synthetic biology approach to understanding and designing biology at multiple scales: proteins, microbial transcriptional regulation and metabolic pathways, and bacteriophages. We are interested in understanding the molecular basis of protein allostery, designing allosteric small molecule biosensors, understanding fundamental principles of bacterial transcription regulation and designing new transcriptional systems, and designing bacteriophages with new host specificities and regulation. Our both basic and applied work can aid in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the cleanup of environmental disasters (bioremediation), the production of biofuels, and the understanding of the many diseases caused by protein defects.

To address these questions, we leverage computational protein design (Rosetta), next-generation DNA synthesis and sequencing, and highly multiplexed selection and screening assays. We apply machine learning principles and structural modeling on these large datasets to elucidate underlying relationships between sequence, structure and function and to improve design of new function. I am also affiliated with the Department of Bacteriology and Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center.