Research Area: Enzymology

Enzymes are biomolecules that catalyze chemical transformations. They can range from small proteins like RNase that are essential for regulating gene expression to large machines like the ribosome composed of dozens of proteins and several RNAs. Some enzymes are able to catalyze chemical reactions without assistance while others use a variety of cofactors composed or organic molecules, metals, or in the case of Nature's most beautiful cofactor, vitamin B12, both. Enzymologists seek to understand the biochemical basis behind enzymatic transformation using a variety of chemical, structural, kinetic, and biophysical tools. IPiB students interested in delving into enzyme mechanism have a variety of laboratories and projects to choose from and will become part of a many decades long tradition of exploring enzymes at the University of Wisconsin.

Image of Andrew R. Buller Andrew R. Buller
Assistant Professor (also Department of Chemistry)
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Image of Michael M. Cox Michael M. Cox
Evelyn M. Mercer Professor in Biochemistry
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Image of John M. Denu John M. Denu
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Image of Brian G. Fox Brian G. Fox
Marvin J. Johnson Professor in Fermentation Biochemistry
Chair, Department of Biochemistry
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Image of Hazel M. Holden Hazel M. Holden
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Image of Aaron Hoskins Aaron Hoskins
Associate Professor
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Image of James Keck James Keck
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Image of John L. Markley John L. Markley
Steenbock Professor of Biomolecular Structure (also Director of NMRFAM and BMRB)
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Image of David J. Pagliarini David J. Pagliarini
Associate Professor (also with the Morgridge Institute for Research)
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Image of John Ralph John Ralph
Professor (also Dept. Biological Systems Engineering & D.O.E. Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center)
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Image of Ivan Rayment Ivan Rayment
Michael G. Rossmann Professor of Biochemistry
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Image of Philip Romero Philip Romero
Assistant Professor
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