Research Area: Gene Expression & RNA Biology

The transcript is essential for the genome to convey its information to the world. The RNAs produced by transcription can have an enormous array of potential functions. Some RNAs encode messages that will be translated into proteins. Other RNAs become processed into small fragments that are essential for cellular regulation. Yet others may possess catalytic activity and form core components of cellular machines such as the ribosome and spliceosome. Understanding RNA biochemistry, the many roles of RNA in the cell, and how RNA transcripts can be modified and subject to regulation is essential for understanding life itself. IPIB students interested in gene expression and RNA biology have a variety of laboratories to choose from that investigate everything from the three-dimensional structures of RNAs to the biochemistry of RNA machines to the roles of RNA in animal development.

Image of Richard M. Amasino Richard M. Amasino
Carlos O. Miller Professor of Biochemistry, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor
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Image of Aseem Z. Ansari Aseem Z. Ansari
Professor (also with The Genome Center)
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Image of David Brow David Brow
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Image of Samuel E. Butcher Samuel E. Butcher
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Image of Elizabeth A. Craig Elizabeth A. Craig
Elizabeth Cavert Miller Professor
Steenbock Professor of Microbial Science
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Image of John M. Denu John M. Denu
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Image of Heidi Dvinge Heidi Dvinge
Assistant Professor
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Image of Catherine Fox Catherine Fox
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Image of Paul D. Friesen Paul D. Friesen
Professor (also Institute for Molecular Virology)
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Image of Melissa Harrison Melissa Harrison
Associate Professor
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Image of Aaron Hoskins Aaron Hoskins
Associate Professor
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Image of Christina Hull Christina Hull
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Image of Patricia Kiley Patricia Kiley
Chair Department of Biomolecular Chemistry
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Image of Judith Kimble Judith Kimble
Vilas Professor
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
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Image of Robert Landick Robert Landick
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Image of Peter Lewis Peter Lewis
Assistant Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry, Epigenetics
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Image of James M. Ntambi James M. Ntambi
Katherine Berns Von Donk Steenbock Professor (also Nutritional Sciences)
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Image of J. Wesley Pike J. Wesley Pike
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Image of M. Thomas Record, Jr. M. Thomas Record, Jr.
Steenbock Professor in Chemical Sciences
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Image of Michael Sheets Michael Sheets
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Image of Ophelia Venturelli Ophelia Venturelli
Assistant Professor
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Image of Marvin P. Wickens Marvin P. Wickens
Max Perutz Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
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