IPiB Standing Committees

The Integrated Program in Biochemistry is overseen by a Steering Committee, a democratic group composed of faculty members from both Biochemistry and Biomolecular Chemistry Departments, and a graduate student representative, ensuring wide participation in the governance of our Program. The Steering Committee’s charge is to provide Program and policy recommendations for approval by the two departmental faculties. The Steering Committee includes representatives from each of the committees that administer all aspects of our degree program.

Steering Committee

Photo of Ivan Rayment

Ivan Rayment, IPiB Program Director

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Admissions Committee

Select candidates for interview based on their graduate school applications, committee rankings, and projected class size. With the Co-Chairs of the Recruiting Committee, determine to which candidates to make offers of admission.

Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)

Provide a systematic review of courses approved for the IPiB graduate curriculum proposing development, assessment, and/or revision as needed. Review and approve proposals for new graduate courses.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI)

This committee will serve to create a partnership among the faculty, students, and staff of IPiB to conceptualize and coordinate DEI initiatives and programming for IPiB. This committee will additionally serve as a liaison and resource for other IPiB committees.

Examination and Certification Committee (ECC)

Ensure that students are effectively tracked to assure timely completion of the degree requirements; approve thesis committee composition and changes; review and rule on requests for course substitutions or additions to the approved IPiB coursework roster.

Graduate Teaching Assignment Committee (GTAC)

Provide recommendations for graduate assistant (GA) teaching assignments to the Steering Committee and the chairs for students’ fulfillment of their two-semester teaching requirement.

New Student Orientation Committee (NSOC)

Supervise Orientation Week activities and lab rotations; advise students prior to final thesis lab assignment; recommend final lab assignments to the IPiB Steering Committee and departmental chairs.

Recruiting Committee

Oversee scheduling and coordination of recruiting weekends and candidate interviews with current faculty. With the Co-Chairs of the Admissions Committee, determine to which candidates to make offers of admission. Write flex funds application to secure recruitment funds for the next year.

Graduate Leadership & Development Committee (GLDC)

Serve as liaison between IPiB faculty and students, sharing student concerns and developing programmatic initiatives that foster leadership and development; promote educational, professional, and social interaction among students; conduct scientific outreach to the community.

Student Representatives: