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  • IPiB Faculty Named Vilas Associates

    Biomolecular chemistry associate professor Feyza Engin and biochemistry professor Elizabeth Wright were named 2023-2024 Vilas Associates.

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  • Alexander Duckworth

    IPiB Thesis Defense March 21: Alexander Duckworth

    Alexander Duckworth joined the Integrated Program in Biochemistry (IPiB) with the goal of learning more about how scientists ‘solve biomolecular structures’ — that is, how they figure out what essential components to life, such as proteins, look like. Duckworth’s research as a member of the Keck Lab revolves around genome maintenance proteins, which bind to …

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  • Two scientists working in a lab

    Mass Spectrometry Fueling New Explorations at the Carbone Cancer Center

    When biomolecular chemistry professor Josh Coon, also an investigator at the Morgridge Institute, first started developing scientific instruments to measure molecules in living systems, his criteria for finding partners on the UW–Madison campus were simple and clear. “We were technology people interested in making better measurements, and we needed cool projects to help us push …

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  • Structure of pUG fold.

    Folds in pUG Molecules Turn Off Genes and Could Provide Clues about Human Disease

    Genes. They’re what control the way living things look and even function, what eye color they may have and even what diseases they may live with. Scientists have worked for decades to understand how some genes get switched on while others are switched off, or silenced, determining which traits are expressed. In a study recently …

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  • Josh Mitchell

    IPiB Thesis Defense Dec. 12: Josh Mitchell

    Eosinophils (EOS) have broad immunomodulatory and inflammatory effects — these white blood cells are implicated in eosinophilic asthma, eradicating parasitic infections, involvement in the gut microbiome and tumor microenvironment, and more — yet scientists still don’t have a complete understanding of how they are activated, or how they release granular content and deliver their noxious …

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