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  • Peter Lewis Earns Vilas Faculty Early Career Investigator Award

    Recognizing research and teaching excellence in faculty who are relatively early in their careers. The award provides flexible research funding for one year. Link

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  • Students Recognized by NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

    Three students in the Integrated Program in Biochemistry (IPiB) have been recognized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Christine Hustmyer, a graduate student in Professor Robert Landick’s lab, was awarded a 2020 Graduate Research Fellowship. Jacob Rapp, a graduate student in the lab of Assistant Professor Phil Romero, and John Ahn, …

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  • Coon Honored with Kellett Mid-Career Award

    Josh Coon from Biomolecular Chemistry has been honored with a Kellett Mid-Career Award, as one of 10 distinguished campus researchers receiving them this year. The Mid-Career award was created to provide needed support and encouragement to faculty at a critical stage of their careers. The Kellett Mid-Career awards are made possible by the impressive research efforts …

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  • Harrison Earns 2020 Romnes Professorship

    Biomolecular Chemistry professor Melissa Harrison has been honored with a Romnes Named Professorship, as one of 11 distinguished campus researchers receiving them this year. This program, funded by WARF in recognition of the leadership of the late WARF Trustee President H. I. Romnes, is designed to bridge the gap between the Research Committee’s initial research …

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  • Photo of Feyza Engin

    Engin discovery: deleting a gene prevents Type 1 diabetes in mice

    Removing a gene from the cells that produce insulin prevents mice from developing Type 1 diabetes by sparing the cells an attack from their own immune system, a new UW–Madison study shows. The cellular sleight of hand may suggest ways to prevent Type 1 diabetes in high-risk individuals, as well as other diseases in which …

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