Financial Support

Annual Stipend

Guaranteed to all graduate students, both U.S. and international, maintaining satisfactory progress toward their degree. Our benefits package also includes tuition remission and a choice of medical and dental insurance plans. Cost is minimal, and varies according to coverage options.


Some students are supported by University fellowships administered by the University’s Office of Fellowships at our Graduate School. Prospective students must be nominated by the IPiB Admissions Committee, and awardees are chosen by the UW Fellowships Committee. Other extramural funding sources include the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), March of Dimes, and American Heart Association (AHA). IBiP faculty would be happy to assist you in the nomination process.

Training Grants

Many of our graduate students are supported by NIH training grants. Prospective students must be nominated by the IPiB Admissions Committee or by faculty mentors to receive training grant support. Opportunities may also be available during the first semester of study, and students are encouraged to contact either the IPiB Admissions Committee or an IPiB faculty member for assistance with the nomination process.

NIH Training Grants

Biology of Aging and Age-Related Diseases
Biotechnology Training Program (BTP)
Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI)
Computation and Informatics in Biology and Medicine (CIBM)
Genomic Sciences Training Program
Institutional Training Grant in Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology
Molecular and Applied Nutrition Training Program (MANTP)
Molecular Biophysics Training Grant
Molecular Biosciences Training Grant (MBTG)
Research Training in Hematology
Translational Cardiovascular Science
Virology Training Program (Predoctoral and Postdoctoral)

All NIH Training Grant Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison