Why join the Integrated Program in Biochemistry?

A rich and interdisciplinary research portfolio in which to obtain a Ph.D. in biochemistry, covering many areas of modern biochemistry and intersecting with other disciplines, from cellular biology and chemistry to bioengineering, microbiology, and more. There’s also our commitment to graduate education and strong community of enthusiastic and dedicated students, faculty, and staff — as well as our long history. Lastly don’t miss the cutting-edge facilities and training opportunities. All in a city we love and are proud to call home.

World-class research for every interest

IPiB is a broad and rich research program at the intersections of biochemistry and many other related disciplines.

You will find exciting research that matches your interests and discover new topics that capture your imagination.

male grad student working in a lab with test tube

Graduate training is our mission

We are part of UW-Madison’s long tradition of excellence in graduate education.

Our Ph.D. students are the main force that drives our research. We are proud to be training the next generation of scientists and leaders.

Students discussing a poster at the IPiB Retreat

Cutting-edge training opportunities

Modern laboratories and state-of-the-art instrumentation — from cryo-EM, to NMR, imaging, drug screening, computing and more.

In IPiB you will find endless first-hand training opportunities to grow your potential and develop the skills for success.

Biochemistry building at dawn

Join a vibrant community

Our students, faculty, and staff form a tight and inclusive multinational community.

Student leadership is central to the life of the program, providing opportunities for professional, academic, and personal development.

Overhead shot of students gathered at tea time

A great program in a great city

Madison and our lakeside campus are a great place to be.

Our city is affordable, bike-friendly, and has great transportation, restaurants, art and infinite recreational opportunities — the perks of a big city while keeping great quality of life.

state street library mall pedestrians and food carts

A long history of discovery

From 1883 to today, biochemistry at Wisconsin has a long history of discoveries.

Did you know that the first chemical synthesis of a gene was performed here by Nobel Laureate Gobind Khorana? Think about that the next time you order a DNA primer!

Photo of Gobind Khorana at a chalkboard