International Students

Our program, the university, and the city of Madison as a whole pride themselves on their multicultural diversity and their vibrant international community. A significant portion of the faculty and students come from different backgrounds all over the world.

Approximately 18% of our current students are international, with recent recruits arriving from countries as geographically diverse as India, China, Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Our international students in good standing are guaranteed funding for the entire duration of the program and are provided many of the same rights and opportunities that are granted to our domestic students.

IPiB encourages outstanding international students to apply to our program. Please view requirements and prerequisites at our Admissions page.

See more at our Resources page.

Applying as an international student

If international students reside abroad, Zoom interviews are conducted with IPiB faculty trainers of the candidate’s choosing. After the interview, each prospective student will be paired with a current IPiB graduate student. Wherever possible we will introduce the prospective student to one from their own country. The student host serves as a resource and speaks to the candidate about the program, life in Madison, shares their IPiB experience, and more. If an international student is attending school in the United States, then there is an opportunity for a visit to campus on one of the designated recruitment weekends and have an in-person interview.