IPiB Students Get Involved in Wisconsin Science Festival

Extracting DNA from wheat germ and talking about the science of sugar — just a few ways students in the Integrated Program in Biochemistry (IPiB) embody the Wisconsin Idea by participating in science outreach. Graduate students from IPiB took part in activities at the Wisconsin Science Festival on Oct. 20-23.

Graduate students in IPiB — the joint Ph.D. program of the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry — set up shop at the Madison Children’s Museum’s Willy Wonka themed night. The group focused on the science of sugar, hosting a taste test of different sweeteners and discussing how the structure of sugar affects its taste.

“As outreach co-chair, I think having a presence and being involved in the community and letting others know about what we’re doing is vital,” says Christina Isabella, an officer on IPiB’s Student Faculty Liaison Committee. “It’s important to be able to communicate with people who aren’t scientists. I’ve been involved in the festival and other activities before and it’s always good to involve people in our science.”

Others got involved as individuals, such as IPiB student Zack Kemmerer — known as “The Science Ninja” — who gave scientific talks and participated in activities with children.

To read more about the students’ involvement, see the link below.

URL: https://biochem.wisc.edu/2016/10/25/undergrads-and-grad-students-get-involved-in-wisconsin-science-festival/