Raman Named to Journal’s ‘Future of Biochemistry’ List

Future of Biochemistry issue coverAssistant professor of biochemistry Vatsan Raman was recently named to a list of 44 young researchers featured in Biochemistry’s “Future of Biochemistry” special issue.

“It’s exciting to be invited to be part of this group, but what’s more exciting is that the rest of the researchers in this group are phenomenal,” Raman says. “I know some of them personally and they really cover the entire spectrum of research and represent the next big things in biochemistry. I’m happy to be a part of an amazing group of people that I respect.”

For the special issue, he wrote a perspective piece on understanding and designing allosteric proteins, a major part of his research lab. These proteins are mysterious in how they function but play major roles in cellular function, such as signaling, gene regulation, and transport.

Read more about Raman and his research at the link below.

URL: https://biochem.wisc.edu/2018/01/26/raman-named-to-journals-future-of-biochemistry-list/