Venturelli Makes ‘Future of Biochemistry: The International Issue’ List

Biochemistry journal coverAssistant professor of biochemistry Ophelia Venturelli was recently named to a list of 34 young researchers featured in the journal Biochemistry’s “Future of Biochemistry: The International Issue” special issue.

“I am excited to be included in this list of outstanding new investigators,” says Venturelli, who is also an affiliate of the Department of Bacteriology and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. “The research areas are quite diverse and illustrate the breadth of cutting-edge research in Biochemistry.”

For the special issue, her and her team wrote a perspective piece on the importance of understanding and engineering the interactions of microbial communities. Microbiomes — the collections of microbes that reside in almost all environments — are extremely complex and Venturelli’s lab works to make sense of their many microbial interactions through, for example, mathematical modeling.

To read more about Venturelli’s research see the link below.