Pathways to Immunity

Jing Fan

Jing Fan recalls the first science experiment she ever performed. She was a kindergartener in Beijing, China, and her class made glue out of flower petals. After soaking the petals in water for some time, their components broke down into a sticky solution.

“It’s about chemistry,” she says, reflecting on the process and what she observed. “The world is fascinating, and I just want to ask ‘Why?’ “

As an assistant professor of nutritional sciences in CALS and an investigator at the Morgridge Institute for Research, Fan continues to pursue that question through the exploration and understanding of metabolism. Fan is also an affiliate professor of biochemistry and in IPiB.

“Understanding metabolism in specific systems will give us insights into general metabolic regulation,” says Fan. “It’s a very fundamental process; but, in terms of how cells use metabolism and their metabolic resource, it’s very diverse. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to study it, so it’s very fun.”

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Written by Mariel Mohns, Morgridge Institute for Research. Photo: David Nevala/Morgridge Institute for Research.