Mass Spectrometry Fueling New Explorations at the Carbone Cancer Center

Two scientists working in a lab

When biomolecular chemistry professor Josh Coon, also an investigator at the Morgridge Institute, first started developing scientific instruments to measure molecules in living systems, his criteria for finding partners on the UW–Madison campus were simple and clear.

“We were technology people interested in making better measurements, and we needed cool projects to help us push the technology,” he recalls.

Fifteen years later, that approach has completely flipped on its head. Coon’s lab is the nexus of a prolific network of collaborations on campus, drawing on world-class technology to help push the science.

One of his most prominent partnerships is with the Carbone Cancer Center, using mass spectrometry to help researchers find new ways to prevent and treat cancer.

Continue reading this story on the Morgridge Institute for Research website. Photo shows Katie Overmyer and Evgenia Shishkova, Coon Lab scientists.